SMI Loses Close Battle for Army Biometric ContractPost Date: 2005-10-02

HQ Army Intelligence and Security Command officials deliberated late into the evening deciding which of five US companies would be awarded a $6 million dollar contract to operate the national first Biometrics Analytical Cell.

SMI was one of only five companies in the country that competed for the biometrics contract.

" We recognized the important of biometrics as being a major source of US intelligence and the role it plays in enhancing more traditional methods of intelligence collection ", said Cecil Avery, former Air Force Intelligence expert, and SMI Chief Operations Officer.

The contract provided a full range of intelligence and forensic analysis services to include general military intelligence analysis, all source analysis, SIGINT analysis, fingerprint collection and analysis, latent fingerprint analysis, and event scene photography.

The winner of the competition, Harding Security Associates. LLC is headquartered in Northern Virginia. Established in March, 2003 by Major General (Ret) Robert A. Harding. HSA’s staff has more than 100 years experience in Homeland Security, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, MASINT and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

In their contractual role, HSA will operate the Biometric Analytical Cell. The Biometric Analytical Cell (BAC) is the organization that analyzes identity matches and adds the intelligence details for decision makers. The BAC provides biometric intelligence in support of identity dominance for DODIIS.

This BAC is the "first" of it kind in the world and represent an expansion of supporting army units in tactical and strategic battle information to including worldwide anti-terrorism.

"The BAC is the tip of the spear in fighting the war of terrorism", explained Tom Williams, former Army Counterintelligence Officer, and SMI Chief Executive Officer."

The new Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) will store and search all biometric modality such as fingerprints, DNA, facial, voice, iris and retina.

This system allow provides instance identification of person of interests encountered by US Forces on the battlefield.

About SMI

Security Management and Integration is a veteran owned business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) specializing in Information Solutions for government and industry. The company business areas include Intelligence and Information Systems, System Integration, System Security Engineering, Security Management, Business Resource Management.

SMI is headquartered in Erlanger Ky.
SMI is a Closed Corporation (CC) incorporated in the state of Kentucky.

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