Facility Management

SMI manage, operate and maintain Non-Government and Government-owned and leased buildings in a manner that provides for quality space and services consistent with their operational needs and accomplishes overall customer's objectives. SMI provideprovide Servicewide program development and direction for all facility Management service support products and business lines, including:

  1. Building and energy management
  2. Delegated leaseholder activities
  3. Design, engineering and architectural services
  4. Document destruction services
  5. Environmental services
  6. Forms distribution
  7. Environmental, health and safety services
  8. Logistics contract management
  9. Mail and postal meter contract management
  10. Motor vehicle program management
  11. Office supply contract management
  12. Personal property asset management
  13. Pocket commission management
  14. Project management and execution
  15. Real estate strategy and portfolio management
  16. Security planning and assessment
  17. SmartID and access control
  18. Space management
  19. Janitorial
  20. Landscaping and Lawn Care Management

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