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Intelligence and Information System (IIS) business area meets both government and industry current and long terms requirements for intelligence operation support, special access, multilevel, classified, and unclassified information system solutions. Within this business area, SMI provide expertise in the support, design analysis, and testing of tactical network systems, wireless networking, mobile ad hoc wireless networking, and of C4ISR (Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ) systems . Additional work in this business area IIS manages and supports lead system integration, software engineering, and mission support to system, and system security support that encompass risk management, multi-level security architecture design, system security planning, development, testing, tactical wireless security, and certification and accreditation of site, system, or enterprise utilizing industry’s best practices


A balanced partnership of world-class team members who understand government’s C4ISRT operations. Experience in successfully delivering organizational and technical IT Support and services within the range, scope and complexity of this contract. From leading-edge microelectronics to the largest, most complex system-of-systems in the world, SMI's C4ISRT breadth, depth and ability provides first responders, intelligence gatherers, decision-makers and military personnel on the front lines the tools necessary to act with speed and confidence.

C4ISRT Enterprise IT Solutions and Services

  • Requirements analysis and design
    • Network engineering and support
  • Installation and implementation
    • System analysis
  • System integration and testing
    • System design
  • Operations and maintenance
    • System engineering
  • Call center and help desk services
    • System administration
  • Upgrade and technical refreshment
    • Web enablement and solution
  • Initial and ongoing training
    • Risk Assessment
  • Certification and Accreditation
    • Security Test & Evaluation (ST &E)
  • Vulnerability Assessments
    • System Security Plans
  • Incident Response
    • Computer Network Defense
  • Computer Forensics
    • Penetration Testing
  • Information Operations
    • SAP/SAR Secure System Training

SMI C4ISRT encompass airspace management systems; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (C4ISRT) systems; oceanic and naval systems; marine systems; and communications. Airspace management systems are air defense and air traffic control radar systems and associated systems used by domestic and international customers and currently operate in more than 30 countries. C4ISRT systems are ground-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance processing systems used by the DOD. These systems include the U.S. Army’s Tactical Exploitation System, the next-generation Naval Fires Network, and the U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Manager. Oceanic and naval systems products include the Advanced SEAL Delivery System mini-submarine, shipboard radar, advanced mine hunting sensors and processors, and submarine subsystems. Marine systems include marine power generation machinery; advanced propulsion systems and missile launchers used for naval applications; integration of the inter-cooled recuperated gas turbine engine, which is a candidate propulsion system for future surface ships; and integrated bridge systems, navigation systems, and radars. Communications products provide reliable solutions for commercial and defense applications including co-site and spread spectrum communications systems communication, navigation and surveillance systems, specialized satellite communications ground terminals, an array of communications gateways and message processing systems, and fully integrated voice communications systems for air traffic control and command, control and communications applications.

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