System Security Engineering

Conducts information security technical risk assessments, engineering, planning, design, implementation and testing of complex enterprise security technologies for federal, defense, and commercial customers. Within this business area, SMI establishes the framework for the protection of the Critical Information Infrastructure assets through security architecture, policies, standards, certification and technology. SMI maintains full competency, that allows for interfaces with the customer to understand their security needs and requirements; develops, recommends and enhances information system security policies and standards, including security controls, processes and procedures to ensure that information is secure from unauthorized access, protected from inappropriate alteration, physically secure, and available to authorized users in a timely fashion. SMI identifies and conducts complex technical audits and assessments of information security business practices, violations and infractions. Identifies, evaluates and executes technical analyses functions to ensure all applicable IS security requirements are met. Analyzes complex system security infractions and violations employing statistical and trend analyses and reports results. Develops and implements corrective action plans.

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